Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

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Twilight is the first of three books: the sequels are New Moon and Eclipse.

In her Junior Year, Bella moves from dry, sunny Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington, a small town with a constant cloud-cover. She misses the sun and her friends and it doesn’t help that Edward her lab partner in biology in seems to hate her on sight.

He glares at her and sits as far away from her as possible for the whole period. When she goes to the main office to turn in some forms, she even overhears him trying to change biology class to anything else. She has no idea why he would hate her so much – he just met her.

Her friends tell her that Edward and his siblings were adopted by the town doctor but nobody likes them much. She notices that they are very pale and they have perfect, looks.

Edward disappears for a few days, and Bella is relieved. When he comes back, he looks flushed and his personality completely changes. He’s interested in her and flirts with her and he laughs a lot. Still, once in a while, he says weird things about being the bad guy and it’s dangerous for her to be around him. She can’t figure out his moods but she starts to fall in love with him.

One day, another student loses control of his truck and she has no time to escape being hit. But Edward, moving lightning-fast, grabs her and she sees him stop the car with one hand.

She thinks maybe he’s a superhero like Spider-Man. She begins to do research and asks people questions about Edward. It doesn’t take long before she’s pretty sure that he’s a vampire and she goes to confront him.

He says hasn’t drunk human blood for so long that he thought he was safe around humans. But she’s different from any human he’s ever met. He cares about her but he’s fighting every minute not to give in to his vampire instinct and drink all her blood.

So does she save herself and leave town forever or does she risk her life to be with him? The problem is she’s not sure if even losing her life could be worse than losing Edward.


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