Sick of Shadows is a mystery written by Sharyn McCrumb.  This is the first of a series about an amateur sleuth.  Elizabeth MacPherson is obliged to attend the wedding of her wealthy cousin, Eileen Chandler.  That side of Elizabeth’s family is known to be wealthy and eccentric.  Elizabeth is not close to her cousin or any of the rest of the family, though as a child she used to spend summers with them.

 Eileen was in a mental hospital for a while and then attended a semester of college. It was there that she met the man to whom she became engaged. But he does not seem to be marrying her for love’s sake.

Anther cousin is an amateur actor and quotes Shakespeare a lot.  A third cousin has recreated a smaller version of the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany (like Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle).

 But the bride to be has been painting a gift for her fiance.  But when she is founded murdered, the painting is missing.

 This is a more straightforward mystery than they became later in the series.  I liked it.


3 thoughts on “Sick of Shadows

  1. Hi Mama. Thanks.

    Hi Weirde,
    I like the Elizabeth McPherson mystery series but I liked her book The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter best of all. It is a mystery and a character study and a supernatural thriller all in one.

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