Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) is spunky, vulnerable, witty and cynical all at once.

The convoluted tale of the murder of Lily Kane, Veronica’s best friend, serves as the background for the series. Lily’s death more or less destroyed the already corrupt town of Neptune. The sheriff (Veronica’s father) accused Lilly’s father of murder. When another man confessed to the murder, Veronica’s world fell apart.

Now her wealthy peers ostracize her, and her father works as a private investigator. Veronica believes that if she discovers who really killed Lily then, perhaps, she might find her happiness again.

Her circle includes a put-upon sidekick Wallace (Percy Daggs III), a stoic ex-boyfriend she smolders for and a friendly ruffian named Weevil (Francis Capra) whom she should smolder for. There is also Logan (Jason Dohring), the manipulative, snotty kid who misbehaves every chance he gets.

Despite the bright manner of the actress and the quick-moving stories, it took me a while to realize how well written this series is. But I now love this series and I have 2 disks left to go of the first season.

This is the last of the mystery movies. It was a rewarding experiment and I thoroughly recommend the idea (if not all the movies!). I’m going to be working on a biographical movie list next.


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