Nobody’s Baby But Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

  A 34 year old research physicist named Jane pretends to be a prostitute to become impregnated by an aging  quarterback Cal whom she believes to be stupid.

  I didn’t like the first half of this book.

It’s not that people always behave rationally or in character but still-! To me, it seems unlikely that such an introverted woman would put a bow around her neck and go to a stranger’s door. No matter how badly she wanted a baby.

The characters keep insisting that they know Jane is not a prostitute. Since she offers a temporary sexual liaison -which she does not enjoy- to a stranger in exchange for something of value (her conception), it was really hard for me to tell the difference.


Plus, Cal’s horror when he discovers that she is older than 21 seems a bit farcical.  It is especially odd since he’s upset after he’s had sex with her 3 or 4 times.  It’s like he’s afraid of cooties, or something.

These people were incomprehensible, unpleasant, and not funny.

Then everything changes.

There is a briefly told account of the relationship of a pair of minor characters and I loved it. I understood and sympathized with the couple and enjoyed sharing the progress of their relationship.

And I even cared about Cal and Jane by the end. In the final chapters, it becomes funny, believable and supremely romantic. Nonetheless, I’m nervous about picking up another book by Phillips because I’m not sure what parts I should read.


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