You might have noticed that it snowed a bit yesterday.

A companion and I decided to drive a three hour trip through the middle of the winter weather last evening. It took us twice as long and we passed vehicle after vehicle in the ditches and smashed against guardrails. The swirling snow made visibility almost nil at times and the roads were covered with ice. We took turns driving because it was draining to be so alert and move so slowly at the same time. The car was my companion’s not mine.

Two brief conversations sum up the evening.

#1 me: This salt on the road is making the screen dirty. Do you mind cleaning it?


companion: You mean the windshield?

me: Uh, yeah, the windshield.

companion: You know this is not a computer game, right? We only have one life to get through this.

#2 We were driving at about 25 miles an hour in a 70 zone. The semis around us were driving at about 30 miles per hour. After the third pickup truck zipped around us at 50 miles an hour, I commented on how stupid they were being.

companion: Some people might say we are being stupid too.

me: Well, maybe we’re being unwise.

companion: Unwise?!

me: But, you see, they are being stupid and reckless and we are being stupid and cautious.

companion: Un-wise, yeah. That would be us.

I insisted that if we made it there without anyone getting hurt or any property being damaged then the evening could be considered an adventure. My companion agreed to the term if we made it.

I won. We had an adventure.


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