No, the book and the TV show have nothing in common, I’m just consuming them now. Over the next couple of weeks, all my posts will devoid of any kind of analysis. I’ve been sick and I’m very busy right now, so I can’t think much. But if I don’t get back into this, I might as well give it up.

spymaster's ladySpymaster’s Lady by Joanne Bourne. My mailing lists have been raving about this one. My sister-in-law has been raving about it. Finally, she loaned it to me.

The story is set during the Napoleonic wars and a French spy Annique and a British spy Grey have to work together to escape a prison and then the plot thickens.

I like the heroine Annique – she’s not rude, whiny or stupid. She’s funny and figures things out and can actually take care of herself. The hero Grey has a lot of respect for her right from the beginning and he’s never cruel or humiliating to her. I mean they lie to each other and keep all kinds of secrets but they are spies after all. Plus, the sex scenes are really good, and I’m glad I didn’t skip them.

I haven’t quite finished the book. I couldn’t figure out how Annique would get out of trouble, and I confess, I peeked at the ending. Guess what? It’s all O.K. in the end. I can see now why sister-in-law made very sure that she was going to get this one back.

Babylon 5 – I’m still watching season one. I just finished watching “TKO.” I found out that Gregory McKinney who played the boxer Walker Smith died in 1998. He seemed familiar and I realized that I had seen him in Eraser and Mortal Kombat. That makes the episode even more poignant, I think.


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