A time-slip love story….

I had this movie laying by my TV for several weeks before watching it. Most of the reviews I had read dismissed it, and I was reluctant to watch something lackluster. On the other hand, I like Bullock and Keanu and romances. It was better than I thought: I enjoyed it.

The story is of a man named Alex (Keanu Reeves) and a woman named Kate (Sandra Bullock) who correspond via letters, except that he’s writing from two years in the past.  It’s based on a movie called Il Mare (2000).

He is an architect and she is a doctor. There is female dog named Jack. And there is a glass house on stilts over a lake. Those are all the important characters.

There are a number of twists both in time and in plot They don’t make sense but that’s to be expected in ‘time travel’ movies.

I was trying to think what people might object to. Keanu is not known for his expansive performances but in this movie, he seemed quite at ease and natural.

Another sticking point may have been that the movie is rather low key. Nothing blows up, nobody gets food lobbed at their body, and no sex.

It is engaging and, in places, sexy. I liked the characters and believed that they were real people with little effort. I was moved by the conclusion, a bit more than I would have expected.

Also, Alex and Kate convinced me that they really, really liked each other. And what more can you ask of a romance?


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