Jumpin’ Jack Flash (1986) – According to reviews, this is bad movie. They’re right.

Goldberg stars as Terry Dolittle who works in a bank in New York handling international currency exchanges. She is a somewhat lonely, free spirit who wears childlike outfits with amazingly bright sneakers and covers her desk at work with toys. A man calling himself Jack (Jonathan Pryce) contacts her through the computer and asks for help because he’s trapped behind the Iron Curtain.

According to Wikipedia.org, it is the first film to feature online communication. It was also Penny Marshall’s first film. This was Whoopi Goldberg’s first film after her performance in The Color Purple

The main problem is that the pacing is slow and the comic parts aren’t very funny. Please highlight: I was shocked that Terry didn’t ask Jack for I.D., she just accepted that he was who he said he was viz: spy and good guy. More: Also, too bad there were no kisses for this interracial couple.

Pride & Prejudice (2003) – Modern P+P set in Utah. Maybe if I hadn’t been reading Flirting with Pride and Prejudice and been reminded of how much I adore this book, the movie wouldn’t have seemed so crappy.

Elizabeth Bennet (Kam Heskin) is single college woman with four wacky best girlfriends and a history of poor dates. Her dream is to write a novel but she must contend with being wooed by a raffish Jack Wickam, dullard Collins and being irritated by book publisher Will Darcy (Orlando Seale). No points for guessing anything that happens. Well, the fact that it’s a satire on dating within the Church of Latter Saints surprised me. Apparently, some parts were cut that introduced this part so it seems a little weird.

Elizabeth, (channeling B. Jones?), knocks over, drops and trips over everything. She jogs a lot in the movie and I kept expecting her to have skinned knees.

What I hated: At the beginning of the movie as we begin our montaged journey of Elizabeth’s daily life I was expected a sardonic voiceover. Nope. Many montages later and no witty observations by Lizzy. Ever. She is never anything but blandly, Cosmo-girly cute. Well, she throws a book at someone but that’s not a verbal riposte so it doesn’t count. This is irritating to me.

Also, Austen’s Jane and Elizabeth faced their respective broken hearts with fortitude. These girls retreated into some kind of ice-cream and pizza-crust ridden cave and had to be rekindled by Lydia of all people. Not acceptable.

What I liked: Heskin and Seale were both charming and I’d like to see them in something else. All of Elizabeth’s striped outfits. The scene with Elizabeth, Darcy and Georgiana (or whatever she was renamed) was sweet and seemed natural. The ending went a little loopy and they dropped the plot, and both helped.

I kind of liked their attempts to set the 19th Century UK story in the context of 21st Centery USA social mores. Some of it worked: Darcy winding up with her submitted manuscript was fun. The Lydia/Wickham elopement was dumb.

Bottom line: Watch if you are an Austen completist or like to complain about movie adaptations. Otherwise, skip it.


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