This is a contest for a category romance parody that I found on Dionne Galace’s blog. It’s called The Unfeasibly Tall Greek Billionaire’s Blackmailed Martyr-Complex Secretary Mistress Bride. Tumperkin is the hosting on her blog, Is It Romance?” There are three chapters so far with a different authors signed up for each of the six chapters.

All three chapters had me grinning, and if you’ve ever read a category, you’ll doubly appreciate it.

Here are some of the pertinent rules given by Tumperkin:

Each chapter must contain a minimum of three elements from the title. For example, chapter 1 establishes *unfeasibly tall*, *Greek billionaire*, *martyr-complex* and *secretary*.

You get one point for every time:

Molly indulges her martyr complex
– Nico mentions his belief that Molly’s a whore
– Nico cuts Molly off mid-sentence
– You make a reference to the global hummus industry

6. You get ten points for every time you use one of the following phrases

To her consternation, Molly’s nipples hardened
What was the point? Nico never believed her!
– He came, roaring his pleasure.

Oh, here is the cover:

P.S. Be warned that, while reading the chapters, your nipples may harden. Please do not allow your consternation to stop you from finishing it.


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