I thought, while watching this movie, the director must love Hero. Later I found out that cinematographer on this movie, Larry Fong, was also most wonderfully responsible for Hero. It also reminded me of Gladiator except that it was shorter. And because of Queen Gorgo (Lena Hedley).

The storyline is concentrated on one event, 300 hundred Spartans versus a horde of D&D monsters. Everything was spelled out so I wasn’t distracted from the content of the film. Guys hacking and slashing in not much clothes.

The Persian ‘god’ king sends his envoy to King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) of Sparta demanding submission. Spartans believe in strength and freedom above all else, and King Leo will not capitulate. Unfortunately, he’s caught within the strictures of custom from mustering the Spartan army.

He calls for volunteers.


Queen Gorgo (Lena Headley) is much more a person and much stronger than the queen in Gladiator. I liked that the king depended upon her advice; I liked that she was not weepy when he left; and I liked that she took her revenge on her rapist. (Theron bullies her into having sex with him in return for for helping save her husband and the other Spartans. Then he taunts her about how much it will hurt. Then he betrays her in front of the council.)

I really wish women didn’t have to be raped in movies. At least, it was shown to be wrong and she was able to recover from her humiliation.

I did not like the naked, writhing, drugged teenage Oracle Girl (Kelly Craig). That was nasty and it didn’t need to be shown.


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