This is a coming of age story for young adults written by Madeleine N. Myers. I bought this book, in a library sale because I like reading old books. It was published in 1958.

Julie comes from a family of scientists and scholars. She flunked out of her senior year of college and has returned home to lick her wounds. She spends the summer reassessing herself and her future. She becomes mixed up in a small mystery concerning a courting-lamp. The mystery illuminates her own life more than it reveals the secrets of the past. She also has two men who courting her, a stolid man and a imaginative but poorly dressed man.

I found Julie to be unlikeable. She thinks poorly of herself and is afraid of taking action. She’s jealous of her siblings’ accomplishments and happiness. She even attempts to undermine her sister’s engagement.

She does manage to grow up by the end of the novel but I still didn’t like her much. The best part is the mini history about glass-making inserted into the story. Unfortunately, this was not a forgotten treasure.


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