Alice Chan's B+Bby Alice Chan.

A basic version of the tale of Beauty and the Beast.

Here is Surlalune Fairy Tales’ annotated version of B+B.

A reaction to Robin McKinley’s Beauty: I agree with the blogger that Disney’s film is eerie in its resemblance to McKinley’s book. Here is an excerpt from the novel from McKinley’s website. Some interesting background.

Russian animated B+B to watch online.

I love Betsy Hearne’s survey of B+B retellings and revisions. It’s fun to see how many permutations one story can go through and her book is entirely readable.

A B+B as a Viking tale. Just awful but a good candidate for a mockamon.

Japanese romantic comedy TV show: The Beauty or the Beast. They are both journalists but she behaves in an exemplary professional manner and he doesn’t.

Anna Campbell’s post on romance novels and fairy tales with a bit on her own B+B retelling Untouched.

A romantic description of the Disney version of B+B from Timeless Movies.

Rick DeMott, editor of Animation World Network, on Jean Cocteau’s B+B (1946). This is a beautiful film and well worth seeing if you liked the Disney version.

A memory of the 1980s TV show starring Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman and relevant links and a clip from B+B.

Here is Emily Short’s B+B interactive fiction. I enjoyed playing it.

A review of Mercer Meyer’s B+B – which is my favorite picture book version.

My reaction to Hannah Howell’s B+B.

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