Westing Game

This is classic children’s mystery, written by Ellen Raskin, which won the Newbery in 1979.

A disparate group of people all become tenants of the same apartment building, Sunset Towers. They are surprised when they are named heirs of an eccentric, wealthy man Samuel Westing. However, to gain their inheritance, they must solve the mystery of his murder.

The characters I liked best were ten year old Turtle; her lovely but spineless older sister Angela; and the unhappy but virtuous Judge Ford.

I can’t help but like Turtle because she’s smarter and more persistent than anyone else in the book. Plus, she kicks people in the shins when they touch her hair.

Ford, although successful, resents the man who funded her education. The enormous chip on her shoulder is affects her peace of mind.

Angela is beautiful and is soon to be married. Other than that, she’s a nonentity to everyone she meets. This does not comfort her. Usually I dislike Angela characters but I couldn’t help rooting for her.

All the characters change as they attempt to solve the mystery. Everything wraps up neatly once the mystery is solved.

I wish I had read this when I was younger, I would have loved. Since Raskin isn’t condescending to her readers, I enjoyed it still.


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