Lately, I’ve been watching amv again. It’s kind of a neat to become aware of new series. But this can backfire when I grew intrigued with an anime called Tales of the Abyss only to find out that it is a game. *sigh*

I especially like the completely inappropriate ones. The innocent ones with salacious songs. The overwrought, angsty songs paired with comedies. And the peppy songs with the serious shows.

1. Geeks Get the Girl – by American Hi-Fi. The anime is World of Narue and it is about an ordinary-Japanese-schoolboy and his alien girl friend. Pretty sure, he wasn’t getting laid on the show. Somebody worked hard on the editing, and this is a funny one.

2. Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen. It’s Cowboy Bebop, and I think the devil-may-care song matches the spaceship crew nicely. Pity the visual quality is sketchy, this is otherwise well done.

3. Fallin‘ by Alicia Keys. This is from Kingdom Hearts which I haven’t played. This shows a love triangle between Kairi, Sora and Riku. Kairi appears very naive in the clips which undermines Keys’ rather torchy song.

4. Little Red Riding Hood by Sam the Sham. This is Blue Seed, one of my all-time favorite anime ever. This is pretty funny, especially since Kusanagi is hardly a rake. Oh, and lots of panty shots, in case that concerns you.


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