I was browsing boardgamegreek and found their list of books to games. I would definitely play Dante’s Inferno the board game because I have long maintained that it would make a superb video game. I have known about the Anne McCaffrey role playing game for Pern but there is a ‘picturebook game’ too. It sounds intriguing. The Sophia’s Choice philosophy trivia game is somewhat less appealing. Around the World in 80 Days seems like a natural basis for a game but I fear that playing it might be more boring than reading or watching the story.

This is a bit odd but I think it would be fun to play the Secret Garden game, sort of like a gardening competition. Five Children and It -how badly will your wishes turn out- or Baby Island -keep your tots alive- or The Borrowers -avoid the big people- or True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle. Well, nobody would buy these but it’s fun to imagine them.


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