I’m returning to the 1001 Movies You Must Watch Before You Die list. Some of them don’t interest me much but with others I can’t guess whether I’d like them or not. The older ones and the non-English language movies are almost a complete blank to me.

So, I wondered if people who have seen them might let me know what they thought and felt about them. Oh, if you have others you recommend instead, let me know that too. Thanks!

1. Les Vampires 1915. It’s about a female master criminal, I think. Is it enjoyable?

2. Intolerance 1915. 4 stories from different time periods interview. But that could mean four times the tedium. I’m fascinated by the Babylon setting. Is that part fun or just embarrassing?

3. Smiling Madame Beudet 1922. A woman may or may not kill her husband. It sounds exciting. Is the pacing so slow that it undermines the suspense?

4. Nanook of the North 1922. I’ve read that this is a very early documentary about an Inuit family. Is it an embarrassment or is the director respectful in his filming? How does it compare to contemporary documentaries?

7. Sunrise 1927. A man plans to kill his wife. Is it suspenseful or is it meditative? Is this movie as beautiful as I’ve read?

8. The General 1927. I’ve not seen an entire Buster Keaton film. Should I start with this one?

9. Un Chien Andalou 1928. I’ve read that this is an experimental and shocking film. Have the techniques become rote by now or does the film still have its power?

8. Passion of Joan of Arc 1928. I think I’ll watch this either way but it is more of intellectual or an aesthetic experience? I mean does it recreate the historical thinking processes or is it mostly a visually symbolic sort of film?

9. The Crowd 1928. The troubles of ordinary people. Can one still relate to the characters and situations?

10. Pandora’s Box 1929. Lulu behaves badly. Louise Brooks seems very glamorous in her stills and publicity shots. Is she interesting as an actress? Is the movie entertaining in itself or is it a vehicle for Brooks?


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