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The other day, my mother and sister and I got in a conference call. My sister is a book behind me in the Stephenie Meyer series and she is struggling with Bella’s passivity. Not like Tamora Pierce’s heroines, I was strongly informed. I told her to read New Moon for Jacob instead.

We began debating the relative merits of werewolf vs. vampire fantasy boyfriends. Both of us are firmly in the werewolf camp, actually it’s more of a shape shifting camp. My sister brought in Emma Bull’s Phouka from War for the Oaks as an example of shape shifting hotness and we talked about Blood and Chocolate yet again and I pushed Hollow Kingdom once again.

Somewhere in all this, I said something to my mother. There was nothing but silence from her end. She’d fallen asleep. So, we talked about more generally interesting topics.

But it was fun while it lasted. *happy sigh*


8 thoughts on “vampire vs. werewolf

  1. Tamora Pierce is a goddess author.
    I will try to read Hollow Kingdom, it’s on my list, promise. I haven’t picked up N-M for a few days. Although I want a Jacob to keep in my pocket.

  2. I believe you about Pierce but I’ve only ever read Alanna. Should I continue with that series or start a new one? She seems to have tons.

    Oh well, guess what? Bella’s just doing something dumb, and Edward’s still gone. Not sure if I had a Jacob, I’d keep him in my pocket….

    By the way, I’m thinking of making a manga order. We must discuss because I was thinking of filling in some gaps in your collection too.

  3. You should continue with the Lioness Quartet, all in all the novels aren’t that thick and they are indeed worth it.
    I think you should read more if you like them, many of her books continue in the Totallan realm, there is even a series about Alanna’s children (spoiler sorry).
    My next favorite is probably the Wild Magic series, it takes place right after the Lioness Quar, if I’m not mistaken.

    Okay, so maybe I would just put the wolf-boy in my bed instead of my pocket.

    Lemme know about the Manga–Wuse

  4. Actually, knowing she has a family is quite an incentive to get back into the series. Can I borrow your Lioness set this August then?

    I don’t know your schedule but I’ll call you and we can put together an order.

    Bed is a good place for wolf-boys. Though if it were the Phouka, would you make it that far?

  5. Floor, kitchen counter, couch….The place doesn’t matter just the shapechanger 😀

    I only have Lioness 1 & 3, although I’d like to get the rest. Perhaps I’ll buy them and loan them to you.

  6. If you don’t mind checking the packages as soon as they come in. I’ll send you the order list so you can compare.

    Yes, you may have have the candy. 😀

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