Interstella 5555

L-R Octave, Baryl, Arpegius, Stella.

Basically, this is a dialog-free music video of Daft Punks 2001 album Discover (per imdb). The only song that I recognized was “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” but several of the songs are catchy. I am likely to end up buying the music.

The story is that an alien band is abducted and taken to Earth and forced to make a hit song. I liked the Scooby-Doo scene and the touching romantic pairing. There are a few words to read and a few sound effects but it’s mostly music. The film is about an hour and a half long but it zips along and doesn’t feel tedious.

Visually, it’s like a neon-colored candy. Everything is pastel and it glows. Very, very pretty.

The character designs, especially Stella, remind me of older 1970s series like Rose of Versailles or To Terra but I found myself really liking it. Though I admit I was surprised by the release date when I checked it. The animation itself is good.

I have resisted watching Leiji Matsumoto’s movies because they appeared to have a complicated release history here in the United States and I didn’t care for the art style in the stills. After seeing this movie, I think I was wrong to do so. Maybe I can find a guide to help me figure out which ones to watch.


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