This contains spoilers. Here is a description of the series without revelations.

I’ve come late to this party, it seems. From the clips and images I’d seen, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya appeared to be a light comedy. Haruhi is so cute and energetic, and there is that silly dance they do in the opening credits. I checked out the second volume (the first volume was unavailable), figuring it would be easy to catch on. Ha!

The first episode has Kyon, the narrator and protagonist, getting a note requesting a meeting. This, he thinks, is from a secret admirer and he decides to meet her. He doesn’t get cookies. So, not a comedy…

Then in the next episode came the long taxi ride in which Itsuki, a friend of Kyon, explains his theories of life, the universe and everything. It was interesting but much more philosophical than I expected. Not sure how to classify it…

The Animaniacs had a character named Katie Kaboom, a teenage girl of mercurial and explosive temperament. This reminds me of Haruhi quite a bit. And much like Katie, she is oblivious to how much work it is to placate her. It also reminds me a bit of Twilight Zone‘s It’s a Good Life. Perhaps I’m discounting the frothy cuteness but this is an unnerving series.

I like Kyon. He is a grounded character (he needs to be!) and seems rather thoughtful. I hope that he remains disgruntled as long as possible.


The series is different and has an intriguing premise but I think I should back up and watch the first episodes.


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