So, my sister and I put together an order (from 2 different companies as it turned out) for graphic novels.

Our intention was to combine our orders to get the free shipping. But then we overbought because we got into a big discussion about our series.

My sister is collecting Threads of Time by Mi Young Noh, which has some beautiful artwork but is too violent for me. Edit: I was confusing Threads of Time with another title Samurai Deeper which my sister says is fairly rough.

She’s also collecting Queen’s Knight which I like a lot too. A teenage girl somehow gets drawn into a Medieval world and she is thought to be the lost queen. The man who discovers her pledges to be her knight. The artwork doesn’t completely appeal to me but it’s very cute.

She decided to start collecting Absolute Boyfriend by Yuu Watase which I liked at first. think Watase lost her way by the end.

We started talking and she asked me if I wanted her DN Angel (Yukiru Sugisaki) collection, she’s got up to volume 10. She said she there was too much Daisuke and not enough Dark. But…she wanted my Aishiteruze Baby (Yoko Maki) and Kare First Love (Kaho Miyasaka) in return. I enjoy Aishiteruze Baby but as I long as I can read it I don’t need to keep it.

Kare First Love is a different kettle of fish. I love makeover stories as I’ve mentioned before and I loved the beginning. Karin was more interesting as an ugly duckling than she is as a pretty girl and I have neglected the series for awhile. So, I told her she could have Aishiteruze Baby (I bought 2 more volumes for her to make it fair) but I’d have to see how Kare First Love ends.

I got 2 Red River (Chie Shinohara) manga. There are so many left! How many more times can Yuri be abducted? Still, this is a good series and I’ll be glad to get back into it.

I got a Tramps Like Us (AKA Kimi wa Petto) by Yayoi Ogawa. I like Sumire a lot – she’s only grown up woman protagonist that I’ve encountered in manga. I wish there were more scenes of her at work, those are the best parts.

And I got Kilala Princess volume 2. (art by Nao Kodaka and written by Rika Tanaka) What can I say? It’s cute.

I also bought Promise by Keiko Nishi. I have no clue what it is about. I think it’s something that Matt Thorne translated which means it might be shojo.

Also Delicious Seasons by Rainbow Buddy- a cooking school romance. Should be fun.

Honey Mustard by Ho-Kyung Yeo. A girl accidentally kisses the wrong man and now has to marry him.

The Aromatic Bitters I have had all of Erica Sakurazawa’s book on my to-buy list for a long time. I have finally gotten the one about the two unhappy women on a road trip.


4 thoughts on “manga buying frenzy

  1. Geeze, turd, dissing on my manga.
    Well, I liked MeruPuri first and you copy-catted that by getting yourself the quartet copies. *sticks out tongue, eye pull*

  2. You did like MeruPuri first. No question there. But I feel about the series the same way Aram feels about Airi, viz. Airi: “Why did you choose me?” Aram: “Wrong, I didn`t choose you. We met!”

    I wasn’t dissing your manga. The worst thing I said was about Threads of Time which is beautiful. edit: wrong title It’s just that bit with the girl in the coma was way too disturbing for me.

    Besides I’m getting volume 2(!) of Kilala Princess. And I have publicly admitted it. I have opened myself to all kinds of mockery.

  3. Threads of Time is quite beautiful, the only downside is the swaths of Faux-Korean history that is constantly going along with the story, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with.

    Hehe, you read Disney Manga…..*points*

  4. I am afraid that I don’t enough Korean history that I would notice.

    Basically it’s dōjinshi of the Disney princess line. I…I have no justification for this. *hangs head*

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