Oh, spoilers…and (unnecessary) parentheses.

Now that I’ve been drawn into Haruhi Suzumiya‘s world, I discovered that Cullen Waters from Welltun Cares is a fan too (or was last year). I first discovered his blog via a link to his bitter, bitter man post and it amused me enough to keep checking back. I really don’t get the jokes or references in his posts for the most part. (Perhaps it’s a generational thing or I’m anti-cool.) But when he discusses something I do know about, he makes good points and he’s witty. Ooo! I hadn’t visited his links page, he’s got a lot of webcomics that I’ll have visit.

Here is Waters’ first post on Haruhi Suzumiya : second post: third post

I haven’t seen the first disc. I do, however, agree with Waters’ comment: “Dude, I am not joining Haruhiism. Kyon is far superior.” I’ve known too many people just like Haruhi. While they are a lot of fun and can shake things up like nobody’s business, it can be draining too. It’s hard to keep up the level of enthusiasm needed to satisfy them. (I’m not even sure if it’s worth it outside of a fantasy/SF context.)

Kyon, though, I like a lot. I love that he’s pissy about every one of Haruhi’s schemes but still caves to her whims. His reveries make sense and (so far) he’s keeping his integrity while dealing with the weird turn his life has taken. On a cosmic level, what else can one do but face the vagaries of the universe with a level head and some affection? Waters doesn’t mention that Kyon is very cute but it might not have occurred to him.


I did see the episode that provoked this statement: “And while the fight is brutal (shockingly so, considering what has come before), it never feels excessive or done for shock’s sake.” That’s the one in which Kyon is going about an ordinary day at school and then must fight for his life.

Since I was expecting a light shojo comedy (for instance, Ultra Maniac), I have to admit I was probably more shocked by the turn of events than Kyon. He confronted the whole situation better than most people would have. (In particular, I think I would have crawled under a desk and whimpered.)

Waters also thought to compare the anime to the Twilight Zone episode, “It’s a Good Life” and Star Trek‘s “Squire of Gothos.” Melancholy is interesting to me because its character development makes the fantasy elements more frightening and more tragic than those efforts. Most of the short stories I’ve read on theme just had concepts with faces. I haven’t finished the series, so I’m eager to find out how things develop.


2 thoughts on “Welltun Cares and Kyon

  1. It’s either a generational thing or maybe you’re not in the same “nerd” level I’m in. No shame in that; most humans aren’t. (Ho, ho, ho.)

    It’s definately not because I’m cool. At least I hope not. To be cool now, after all this time, would depress me to no end.

    On the subject of Haruhl Suzumiya: I’m still a big fan. New anime series coming up; I can’t wait. Hopefully it’s as good as this last one.

    Anyways, just wanted to stop by and thank you for your kind words!

  2. Hi!

    I didn’t think about the nerd level. I took a nerd quiz recently and I think I was only 30% nerd. There were too many questions about slide rules and obscure comics. *sigh* I’m pretty sure that coolness is reversible if you accidentally fall into that state.

    There is a new Haruhi series?!? Maybe I don’t mind discovering it so late – there is so much to look forward too.

    Oh hey, if you see the new Haruhi series, please review it. Thanks.

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