I have become busier than I had expected and work on my posts are developing very slowly. I’ve been reading these books.

Two Books

Summers at Castle Auburn by Sharon Shinn – Coming-of-age fantasy novel. Each summer, young Coriel, a witch in training, visits Castle Auburn and crushes on the handsome prince. However, she finds as she grows older that the world is more complex and more sinister than she ever dreamed of as a child. Charming and engrossing.

Spellbinder by L. J. Smith. Paranormal romance/young adult. A young witch Thea must keep her attraction to a ‘human’ a secret from everyone, even him. If she doesn’t, both of them will be killed by the creatures of the Night World. Enjoyable – easy to read and lots of angst-filled fun.

One Graphic Novel (series)

The Dreaming by Queenie Chan. (read all 3 vols.) Horror/young adult. Haunted house story set in the Australian bush. Recently orphaned twin girls, Jeanie and Amber, are sent to a remote boarding house. They find the places holds more to dread than homework and spiteful classmates. Creepy. I’d like to read more of Chan’s work. The omake, bonus pages, at the end are funny, especially the one in the 3rd volume.

Two Manga (series)

Good Witch of the West by Noriko Ogiwara (read vols. 1 & 2). Shoujo. A pretty teenage girl Firiel lives in a magical kingdom. Her mother is dead and her father abandons her for a distant research mission. When her best friend Rune is abducted, Firiel musters her courage and strength and sets out to rescue him. This looks promising.

Kitchen Princess by Natusumi Ando (read vols. 1 -3). Shoujo. Orphan Najika goes to Seika Academy to find her ‘flan prince’ who once comforted her and gave her a spoon. More importantly, Najika is discovering who she is and becoming a chef just like her parents. Her love interests are Sora and Daichi who are estranged brothers who both attend Seika Academy too. There are recipies for each of the dishes that Najika prepares in the volume. I’m enjoying it quite a bit.


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