Jane Goodale (Ashley Judd) develops a “new cow” theory after her fiance jilts her. She thinks that men dump their girlfriends because they are “old cow.” Her theories go public and win a lot of applause. In the meantime, she becomes the roommate of caddish coworker Eddie Alden (Hugh Jackman) who seems to embody the “new cow” theory. He brings home a different girl each night of the week.

When I watched it, I kept thinking that it felt like every other chick flick ever made.  Specially Down With Love though that was made in 2003.

The problem is that it’s not that good. None of the story pieces fit together – they all seemed to be cut out of other movies and jammed together.

It becomes passable when Jackman and Judd are not talking much – in the bed scene and in the noodle scene. Both of them are cute on their own and they should be cute together. They aren’t.

The story condemns Jane harshly for taking what she learned from her experience with one man and generalizing that all men are unkind and heartless. I agree with the point but still…

Her ex-fiance treated her badly and betrayed her trust. It’s difficult for me to think she’s wrong for being cautious about another man who openly uses people.



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