Hello avid readers of Murcia, I bet you’re wonderng WTF?

I’m the little sister of Murcia (yes, the obnocious one she talks about).  Since Murcia has WIS (Without Internet Syndrome) I will be filling in to keep everyone coming back….Or quite possibly running everyone off.

Let me introduce myself before I continue.  I’ll go ahead and do the traditional manga-ka introduction:
Kat was born in late September on the twenty-ninth under the astrological sign of Libra in the town of Les Cayes, in Haiti.  Kat’s blood type is O positive.  She is attending college and has become a recluse over the last two days because I’ve been in my new apartment with no job and no homework.
*shoves glasses higher on nose*

Well, ow that formal introductions are ove let’s get to the nitty-gritty.
Over the last few days I have been without anything to do, and unlike most kats I need some sort of hobby or goal.
So in place of any activities I’ve been holed up in my bedroom reading manga.  Specifically reading Kaho Miyasaka’s Kare First Love.  Shy Karin has glasses, does homework and attends an all-girls school where she daily gets bullied by her “friend” Yuka.  Then one day on her commute to school by bus she gets teased by some boys also on their way to school.  You can probably guess the rest of it.

Until recently Murcia owned this series, but we traded.  She got a million volumes of D.N. Angel and I got the better deal.  I’ve read 7 out of the 9 manga I own in a matter of hours.
Not that gorging on manga is a bad thing, but it tends to warp the mind if there is a lack of social interaction.

Throughout the series the sweet couple has a series of issues that they work out, be it not communicating, or cheating or walking elephants in an elephant free zone.  This morning while reading one of the 9 I thought “wow, I remember when my boyfriend and I had this problem we worked it out by saying…” I thought the exact scene I had just read.  I immediately felt ashamed, that situation had never happened between me and my beau.

I had become delusional because I had lost touch with reality.  I don’t know if this is common, or if I am just so lost in thought that I can’t separate the two realities.

Today I have made goals for myself, even if they are just to empty the trash, or sort through laundry.  Something to keep my reality.    Just remember if you read too much manga and don’t talk to anyone real, your thoughts and memories can meld and wander.

I hope that everyone will enjoy this pitiful replacement for Murcia’s usually informational and interesting manga/book/and/movie blogs and look forward to her next installment.



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