Hero Recca might appear ready to lose the fight but he will rise up to conquer his foes via his inextinguishable spirit and his sheer fire power.

Recca, an-ordinary-Japanese-schoolboy, is obsessed with ninja culture and his family traditionally makes fireworks.

I equate fireworks with noisy lights and ninja with silent concealment, so this character choice makes no sense to me. But then I’m not Japanese, and I enjoy the show too much to worry about petty details.

The series starts with a goofy battle between Recca and a good-hearted brute named Domon. Domon describes himself as the strongest high school student in history. Recca and Domon trade blows and insults. Recca wins handily with one of his few displays of wit rather than guts.

Later in the day, Recca discovers that he possesses the legendary ninja power of flame. He discovers this while defending a classmate and healer named Yanagi from a crazy woman named Kagehoshi.

Recca then declares that Yanagi is his princess and he is her ninja. One of their teachers laughs and says, “You say that with a straight face.” But Recca is sincere. He will protect his rather ordinary ‘princess’ at any cost. It’s lucky for her that he has made this vow because her safety is constantly in jeopardy at least up until disc 6.

Fuko, a busty classmate, is distraught that Recca has chosen to be the sweetheart ninja of the noncombatant Yanagi. She challenges both of them. When Fuko demands that Recca explain why he has pledged himself to Yanagi – Recca looks rather sweet here – he proclaims that he just wanted to.


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