The female characters will become inexplicably less than dressed every couple of episodes.

I am really enjoying this total shonen (boy) series. It’s got melodrama — goofy humor — comradery — sweet romance. And lots of battles.

Kagehoshi (the mysterious crazy woman) offers the rejected Fuko (the busty fighter) a madogu (magic weapon) of wind power. Fuko quickly gets the knack of using the weapon and challenges Recca again. This particular madogu turns its user into a seductress. Fuko gets purple-eyed and sends forth gale winds and double entendres. Domon (the muscles) indirectly declares his love for Fuko; Yanagi (the princess) faints a couple of times.

One of the things I love best about the series is how it undermines the characters’ dignity. For instance, Yanagi starts crying and snots all over Recca’s jacket. Recca takes on postures and expressions that would wow the Azumanga Daioh girls.

Recca accidentally sees a girl naked and has a nose bleed bad enough to smack his head against the pavement. The girl in question punches him, her boyfriend punches him, and then Yanagi yells at him. A disheveled Recca says, “You too, princess??!!!” Yanagi doesn’t punch him.

Yanagi is abducted by villains and Recca’s new team sets out to save her. Each character battles an opponent on a each floor of the stronghold. It feels like a platformer though I don’t point it out as a flaw.


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