I actually do give away plot this time…

I enjoyed this one a lot.  We see Domon access the power of Earth with his nose ring of Saturn (not kidding). 

We also see Tokiya, a bishonen team member, show off his power of water with his sword Ensui.  I have to say that Tokiya doesn’t have nearly enough hair in this episode to merit bishonen status.  His hair grows as the series progresses but I have yet to see it flowing in zephyrs full of cherry blossom petals yet.  Just saying.

I could have used a lot less or none of the Yanagi electrocution.  It was obviously filler, especially when contrasted with the simple thrashing of the villain.  However, Recca did an excellent berserker rage.

I like the little girl Ganko who is drawn into the team on  this disc.  But I doubt that she will be a permanent part of the team.  She’s not in the credits.


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