(The characters with big, starry eyes are not bad no matter how much they protest otherwise.)

Ganko appears to be a permanent character which makes me happy. She was wearing ponytails in this episode and she looked very cute.

Several episodes concerned the mystery of Recca’s origin and his destiny. Much of the story line was set in the Civil War era of Japan. It appears that a lot of noble sentiment and melodramatic declarations make up Recca’s heritage. Part of the story had all the characters (except Tokiya) swirly-eyed with emotion.

Now to the stuff I liked best.

Recca was very cute as a baby. Awww!

Yanagi prayed to a Jizo but when Domon mocked her, Tokiya and Recca threatened him with bodily harm.

At one point, Recca offhandedly beats up a villain.

There is an ass-groping of the wrong team member and some random punching. It’s puerile but it makes me grin.

Tokiya is mistaken for a girl and he realizes it. Wish that happened more often.

The following episode was all about training in the mountains during summer vacation. A fellow viewer wondered why they didn’t band together, taking their healer, to whale on train with each other all summer. I guess he was thinking of a ninja Valhalla. My guess is that the creators were saving the characters’ increased abilities so that there could be a reveal during battle.

I need to start rationing the disks. I don’t want to become surfeited with the series.


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