(Recca will say something cocky. He will be reprimanded. He will then say something else cocky.)

Recca’s team moves from story mode to tournament mode. They are invited to Kurei’s Mortal Kombat. To no one’s surprise (except for Yanagi), they accept. Kurei is the evil fire-wielder whom Recca must defeat at some point.

Ganko (the cute little girl) introduces the team’s mascot, a fox named Kondo.
There is an amusing bit in which the team members offer their treasures as tribute so that they can enter the tournament. I have to say that Ganko’s offering was the most enticing of the four treasures offered. It also made Yanagi and Ganko part of the team, which I liked.

Tokiya’s fight against Daikoku was dull. I think the creators didn’t exactly know what to do with him, and he is much less entertaining than Recca, Fuko or Domon.

Domon’s battle, especially the first part was funny, funny stuff. At the beginning of the series, I disliked his character but he’s completely won me over. It’s the Jayne effect.

Fuko deserved better than to fight a lecher like Fujimaru. The subtitled version described her as a high school student, and thus should not be subjected to the crowd’s view. In the dubbed version, she is described as a virgin. I think her dignity was better served by the subtitled translation. However, she fought well and managed to unnerve her male team members – which I think they deserved.

Saicho, the origami fighter from team Ku was gentlemanly to Fuko – the only gentleman in the whole crowd as far as I could tell. His battle with the intemperate Recca should be interesting…


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