When I was a child and a young teen, I avoided scary movies at all costs.  But when I started college, I began to watch horror movies on a limited basis.  That left me with a lot of unwatched horror movies.

Last Halloween, I attempted to watch all the best horror movies of the 70s and 80s.  The horror movies of the 70s (e.g., Jaws; Carrie; The Exorcist) were pretty good but I didn’t care for the slashers in the 80s (exceptions: Nightmare on Elm Street; Evil Dead).  I offended my friends by dismissing their favorite movies, so I won’t be discussing them here.  People are too sensitive about their slasher films.


At any rate, this year I decided to watch classic movies and Asian horror films.  The classic movies have fallen by the wayside but I have watched some Asian horror movies.  I have watched Ringu and Ju-On but that’s about it. My comments on Whispering Corridors and Charisma came out of this effort.

I thought I’d take a break and watch Moon Child.  This movie features pop stars Gackt and Hyde in the lead roles.  I imagined the movies would be vehicle along the lines of Crossroads (saw trailer) or Glitter (saw one scene).  I expected a bunch of pretty vampires wafting their way through a lightweight story with musical interludes.  That’s not quite what Moon Child is.

There is a duet, of sorts, between the 2 leads.  It has got a vampire but that’s more of an affectation than condition of being.  The story, though wildly inconsistent, is meant to be serious.  I think.

Sho (Gackt) is an urchin who is defended by an ailing vampire.  Sho latches onto the vampire named Kei (Hyde) and he grows up to become a gangster.  Sho and Kei make a pretty couple and they gather a makeshift family around themselves.  Kwok (Yi-Chen), a mute Taiwanese woman, becomes a sort of love interest but she’s not that interesting.

Things then take a turn for the worse.

Perhaps if they had chosen a more mundane story, it might have been more effective.  The little bits such as the kidding at the lunch prepared by Kwok or while Kwon is patching them after a shootup, were actually quite nice.

Or when they smirk over the European delighted with his new tattoo in kanji that reads “Kitchen” instead of “Ninja.”  That was cute.

The most effective story-line was that of the strong friendship between Sho and Kei.  It could be seen to have romantic undercurrents.

I’m not a fan of either singer.  I didn’t know which character was played by which singer till the end of the movie, to be honest.  But I have to say that Gackt was fun to watch. His voice has an interesting quality and his eyes are rather strange, somehow.  I think it’s the eyeliner.

Moon Child could work for as a mockamon but I didn’t laugh myself silly as I had expected to.

After the cut are links and spoilers a few things that puzzled me.          and one part that did make me laugh.

Kei uses a thug as a meat shield and then he begins waltzing with the corpse.  Huh?

Why did she paint at night?  Shouldn’t she have been painting in the daylight as that is how the mural was to be seen?

Why was the lounge singer crooning “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”?  What was the director thinking?

What made me laugh was seeing Sho wearing the tightest black leather pants I’ve ever seen on a human male.  Wearing a pair of guns that were bigger than his waist.  Over that, he dons a glaring-white duster.  After this buildup to badassery, he leans over to kiss the mother of his child on the forehead. *Scene*

Gackt – home page – in English

Hyde – home page – it’s decorated for Halloween – his latest album is about vampires I think.

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