For the first time since I started watching this series, the pre-fight posturing bored me.  Then again, that could be due to watching disc 7 first.  It made me impatient.

The leader of Team Ku,  Kukai, was dull.  He was dull as the saint and dull as his later incarnation.  His backstory was boring.  Bleh.

I liked Saicho.  I not only liked his personality but I liked that he recites poetry to build up his chi.  It’s difficult for me to think of a USA movie with poetry-reciting fighter, other than Aragorn in G. I. Jane.  And in reference to the poetry, the joke about Tokiya’s snobbish attitude made me laugh.

The best scene was when Yanagi realized that she’s a cipher in the storyline.  Her healing power has all but been dropped by the writers.  Nevertheless, Recca, perhaps mindful of potential nookie, attempts to bolster her flagging self-esteem.  It works because they go sparkle-vision for each other.

Ultimately, Recca plays with his fire-dragons and people get the hell knocked out of them.  Not surprising but very satisfying.


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