Except for some Star Trek books, I not read many media tie-in books.  Though this partly due to snobbery, it’s also because I just didn’t think it could be the same experience.  So, I picked up the first two books in the Gatekeeper trilogy written by Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder.  The first volume is called Out of the Madhouse and the second volume is

It is engrossing, though it’s more about adventure than it is about the interpersonal stuff.  The storyline is set at the end of season three, I think.

The first and second book deal with Buffy and gang hunting for a way to protect the gatekeeper who is the only one who can seal the portal to the afterlife.  I liked that the story moved back and forth in time (such as to the Renaissance) and also that they travel to Boston and even overseas.  This opens the story and makes it richer.  I preferred the original characters such as Michaela Tamasi to the canonical characters.  I also enjoyed the concept of the Gatehouse – holding monsters from all dimensions within a single house.

I will probably read the third volume if I encounter it but I’m not going to hunt for it.

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