I hate it when my favorites die.

Bittiney Creamer recently posted about her disappointment that Stuff White People Like had stopped being updated because they got a book contract.  I used to read that blog too and I was also disappointed when there were no posts for a long time.  As she points out, it has been better lately. The good part is that they have written a book and so there is more to enjoy.

What I find disappointing about blogs is when they simply vanish.  I read somewhere that blogs seldom last more than 2 years, I don’t know if that’s true. Different reports (see below) suggest that there are up to 200 million blogs that are dead.

This explains my uncanny ability to discover a blog either one month before they fold or one week after they are abandoned.  Most bloggers who leave cite personal obligations, work or other projects as the reason that they are done. That makes sense.  I think some of the best bloggers get burned out.  Blogging takes time and effort and, with some exceptions, it is not financially or professionally rewarding.

I had have the habit of not bookmarking dead blogs or deleting them but now I just add it to my furl.net or spurl.net bookmarks.  The archives of some of them are fascinating but it is still a little sad to think that someone with such energy and insight just stopped one day.

Perhaps that’s why I tend to read review or topic specific blogs rather than personal blogs.  I can find another person writing about the same topic but autobiographical ones are obviously unique.

Here are some of my favorite blogs whose bloggers are not as prolific as I’d like them to be…

R.I.P. (I think)

Upper Fort Stewart.  Last post March 2008.  Book blog.  His father took over briefly but then he stopped too.

There was also the “world’s most boring blog.”  Can’t find it though.  Entries were something along the lines of “noted pencils were scattered on table.  Sharpened two of the five pencils. Replaced them in holder, using my left hand.”

The Incredible Hulk.  Last post October 2007.  He has a webcomic.

Very slow bloggers

Packaging Girlhood. About media and girl’s self image.  They sometimes manage to post twice a month.

Got Medieval admits that posting is intermittent.  There is a noticeable gap between posts but it’s worth it.

Planet Karen.  She’s slowed down a bit but still plugging along.

History in Movies.  Love Cathy Schultz’s posts but her blog is obviously secondary to her column.

They’re back (yeah!)

Tiamat’s Anime and Manga Reviews.  I made a mistake: Tiamat’s Disciple is a he. Mea Culpa. I was so sad when he stopped posting on his old site and even his archive was gone.  I finally found him again here.  *smile*

Deliciously Clean Reads.  She’s posted recently.  *more smiles*

Not blogs but I still miss them:

Anime Cafe. Last update July 2004. I really liked this site.  Easy to navigate with some substantial reviews.

Science Fiction Romance Online. Last update March 2007.  Romantic SF is a rara avis – at least good ones and I was sorry that she left it.

D. Aviva Rothschild’s Rational Magic.  Last update March 2002.

Articles on abandoned blogs.

NY Post


Names for dead/abandoned blogs.  

Graveyard of Abandoned Blogs.

Death-of-blogging post.  Rough Type’s article.

Ninme’s post.

Technorati’s report.

BCC News article

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8 thoughts on “one thing I hate about blogs

  1. Are you/have you bought the Stuff White People Like book? I’m kind of opposed because of the principle of the thing-I don’t like paying for something I used to get free. Thoughts?

  2. Hi!

    I plan to borrow the book from my library. I only buy books or movies when I know I’ll reread them. I might buy it as a gift – Xmas coming up.

    As to free vs. paying…I’ll buy something (say a printed webcomic) if it’s in color or has extra material or something.

    As much as I enjoy XCKD, I don’t know that I’d buy a print version. I will buy the printed SinFest someday, though.

  3. I still write posts, but i admit i’m not as frequent as i used to be. Mainly due to illness. Spending a lot of time in hospital means i get time to read, but making posts has to wait until i’m home.

    Hopefuly i should be back to full steam in the new year *fingers crossed*

    I am glad you like my blog though, always great to hear that people do enjoy reading what i’m writing. Makes it all worth while 🙂


    Oh yeah, i’m a guy 🙂 You’re not the first to call me a girl and you wont be the last hehe but i am most definatly a guy *checks* yup still a guy 😀

  4. Hi Tiamat’s Disciple,

    I am sorry to hear that you’ve been ill. Here’s to a New Year at full health.

    Oh, and I apologize for saying that you were a girl. I’ll fix the post. I was obviously missed an important fact when I was reading what your blog.

    I do like that you are covering older titles, and I’m glad that you are still with us in the blogosphere.

  5. Hi,

    I have only been blogging since March 2008 but have been writing weekly essays for my clientele since 2002. The blogging platform was a perfect place to house my writing. I, too, would like to get a book contract.

    Andreas’ order of things is much better. Book contract—then blog about it.

  6. Hi Andreas Kluth, your book sounds interesting. I think you’re right, a focus for a blog helps more than anything. It’s disconcerting to check on a blog about chess and read somebody ranting about her sister-in-law or what have you.

    Hi Cheri Block Sabraw, seems like you’ve gotten a very good start. Congratulations for being a Blog of Note. I’m glad that you’ve taken the time to share with the rest of us.

    I still think of blogs from a reader’s point of view. My favorite kind of blogs tend to be the personal essay but I also like the public diary. The Technorati report was edifying because I hadn’t realized how important the business aspect was to most bloggers.

    Fortunately, there is room for all of us.

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