Twilight the movie

Just got back from watching Twilight.

I’ve been avoiding paying attention to all the hype, and now I’m really, really excited.

The row ahead of us, girls were taking pictures of themselves and  sending the pix a couple of rows over.  Then leaning over the seats to show each other the pictures they had just sent.

Teenage boy right behind me on seeing a still of  Pirates of the Caribbean said, “Pirates are so hot.  They’re nautical.”  It was a very teenage audience.

My party was concerned that they’d be noisy during the show – but no, it was serious business.

Anyway, the pros for the general audience.

The scenery was lovely, especially the lakeside.


The rest is for fans.

1) Bella (Kristen Stewart) is more resolute and less hapless than she is in the books. She was also considerably quicker to catch on to what was going on.  Though, she wasn’t savvy enough to realize that she was in a movie, she had at least heard of vampires.  I had imagined her hair to be longer and curlier but that is a lesser point.  Yeah, I liked her.

2) Edward (Robert Pattinson) is a difficult role to play as he is the ultimate, bestest most perfect teenage boyfriend EVER.  It’s no wonder that he is a vampire with bishie sparkle.  Unfortunately, I kept thinking of Buffy saying “You have koolaid mouth” to him.  He did too.  And his hair was practically lurking in the first scene – Lord love a duck.  He got better as he went along but he just didn’t have enough zing for me.

And the character Jacob is my favorite.


3) Sheriff Swan (Billy Burke) was funny.  Though, if he had any clue about what was going on, he would have given Bella garlic spray and not pepper spray.

4)  The baseball scene!  Need to have more vampire baseball games in movies.  That was cool.

5)  The denouement in the movie was a lot more violent than I remember the book being.  That’s OK – nothing wrong with vampiric bonfires.

6) Edward was such a cold fish in the book.  I’m glad they ditched the romantic hypothermia angle and heated him up a bit for the movie.  And they let him kiss Bella for reals and not the weird kissing in the book.

7) They totally had a shojo moment.  You know the boy is emotionally cold to the girl and she runs away crying.  Then she is approached and sexually threatened by thugs.  Then the boy shows up and scares them away.  My favorite variation is when he scares them away with his sheer coolness.

Edward did the bishonen coolness thing with the thugs in alley/car rescue scene.

8 ) The running through the forest with Bella on his back sounded a lot better in the book.  It just looked silly in the movie.

9) I thought the Swans lived in the middle of a forest.  Guess I was wrong.

10) The bishie sparkle in the field scene — well I’m a bit underwhelmed.  I was imaging a sort of sparkling cave onyx.   Book wins out here.

James in Twilight
James in Twilight
Laurent in Twilight
Laurent in Twilight

11) James (Cam Gigandet) was hot.

12) Laurent (Edi Gathegi) was hotter.

P.S.  No fangs?  What are they, training-wheel vampires??!!!


3 thoughts on “Twilight! (the movie)

  1. Yah, I agree that Laurent was an uber hottie. I was not impressed by the movie running nor the sparkle magic (bedazzeling your vamp doesn’t make him better).
    I’m glad they had real kisses and was very pleased with the way they portrayed the baseball game because I really thought that aspect of the book was creative.

    Certain areas were lacking, ahem: *sticks pinkies up nose to represent an air tube* But you can’t leave me, you just can’t, because that would mean we would have to make a sequel!!! OMG I’ve known you for like two weeks and I know everything about you, I just know I couldn’t live without you.

    Shit, did I sound like I was making fun of the some of the acting? Mea Culpa.

  2. P.S. I have a much better picture of sparkling onyx. It was amazing to see in person because the calcite had crystallized on the formation. It did kinda look like Edward’s face in the movie, although it was amazing to see in person. Maybe that’s it, you can’t see the beauty of a filmed vamp in sunlight.

  3. Hi Kat,

    re: the hospital scene. I was embarrassed for the actress in that scene. Poor thing.

    re: Forever love. Are they emotionally mature? Do they have values or goals in common? Do they have compatible personalities? Do they have personalities? hmmmm….

    Send me the onyx pic!

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