I have not read most of my 2008 issues of Shojo Beat.  There are a number of reasons for it but the biggest one seems to be that I no longer have anyone to share them with.  So, I thought I’d share my comments here.

COVERShojo Beat 2008 January

I love the cover for this one – warmth and coziness of the orange hair and the couple’s embrace makes me happy.  And I love the sparkles on the cover line,  “Mystical Romance.”

Re: the dancing Beat girl on the editorial page. I hadn’t been inspired by the artist Tania Del Rio‘s manga-fied Sabrina the Teenage Witch ’cause she looks so gangly.  But I liked this Beat girl interpretation the best so far.

Culture and Trends.The magazine’s culture pieces are usually my favorite part and I enjoyed the Osechi Ryori article.  It looked delicious and I loved learning about the symbolism.

Re: Japanese movies remade in Hollywood.

I knew that Seven Samurai had been remade as the Magnificent Seven.  I’m mortified that I’ve not seen either.

I did not know that Yojimbo was remade as Last Man Standing with Bruce Willis.  I have Yojimbo on my to-be-watched list but I’m not interested in Last Man Standing.

I have seen Rashomon (excellent movie) but I didn’t know that it was remade as The Outrage which doesn’t sound that good.

Zatoichi into The Blind Fury.  I want to see Zatoichi but not interested in the latter.

I will probably watch both Chakushin Ari and One Missed Call – eventually.

I have seen Battle Royale (a strange movie) but I can see why it’s not being remade in the USA.

Re: ad for Go Comi!’s A. I. Revolution. “They finally built a better boyfriend” – that’s some tagline

Re: Fruit Horoscopes – I read through this – very cute!  But I don’t know my blood type so I couldn’t find my fruit type.

Re: Seijin no Hi The 20th birthday is celebrated as a coming of age day. Yukie K looked lovely and sweet in her photo.   Awww!  And the Beat Girl for this section was super cute too.

Re: Be with You, preview.  art = Sai Kawashima.  written by Takuji Ichikawa.  script = Yoko Ino

I enjoyed reading how it became more and more popular – I suppose a little like the Train Man phenomenon.

But the preview didn’t give me enough to know whether I’d buy it or not.  The art is pleasant with lots of wistful, wispy lines.  The story seems a little too slight.  I might enjoy the light novel instead since it seems to be almost entirely mood based.

Does anyone know what the little rain puppets are?  In the extras in Blue Seed, Momiji hangs one of Kusanagi.


Crimson Hero

The aftermath of Nobara’s lashing herself to the volleyball pole during the typhoon.  Crazy girl.  I usually skim this series but I liked this chapter.

Nobara’s surrogate mother, Mrs. Shima, slaps her (for endangering herself) and then gives her a lunch box complete with octopus hot dogs.  Kinda of funny in an old-school way.

I also had to smile over Takki giving Nobara the smarmy compliment.

We also get a clue about why the artist gave Nobara her name = “wild rose.”

–Honey and Clover

I still haven’t fallen in love with this series.  I feel better about it than when I first started it. The art is growing on me, I disliked it at first.  I feel that I’m missing a lot because I don’t know the cultural cues.  I’ll keep trying though.

I guess I need to backtrack in the previous issues to figure out what’s going on at the Christmas party.

I really like Yuuta Takemoto’s family reunion in chapter 10.  That was endearing.

–Sand Chronicles

Love, love, love this series.    The art makes me feel as if the story has a broader scope than it really does.  Especially odd, since it’s mostly made up of close ups of faces.  I love looking at the faces.

The story line, after the initial excitement, is fairly mundane but I like it.

Even though a great deal of effort was made to evoke sympathy for Ann’s father, I still don’t like him.  He seems self-pitying.

However, I loved that this sundered our lovers, Ann and Daigo.  I like both boys at this point and don’t care who she ends up with.  I also liked the conversation with Daigo and Fuji – with all the half finished sentences that annoyed Daigo so much.

–Absolute Boyfriend

My sister bought the first volume of AB, and I re-read it.  I had forgotten how much fun this series was when it started out.  Goofy and just a smidgen of naughtiness.  But we’ve long passed its freshness date.

Night and Riiko finally have sex.  Yay.  The obligatory enfolded hands were there but why do we pan to the lamp?  It’s not even an interesting lamp, it should have been the night sky or something.

Then the big shocker at the end – Soshi is leaving for Spain.  I, for one, do not care.

–Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time

This is pretty.  But I can’t keep all the characters straightened out.  And the plot is not interesting enough for me to try.  It’s like Tarot Cafe.

I do like Tenma pretty well.  He has a goal and is somewhat personable.

–Vampire Knight

Zero is not my favorite character so the evil twin thing left me a little bored.

However, the last page where Kaname Kuran is embracing  Shizuka Hio – did he just punch his hand through her chest???? Is it symbolic or for real?  Loved the image either way.  This series seems unusually kinetic for a gothic/paranormal romance.

My Shojo Beat 2 years post.

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