Shojo Beat 2008 February Cover

I’m not that excited about J-pop but Yumi and Ami are charming on the cover.

Editor’s Letter p. 006

Samantha Schechter’s violinist Beat Girl was very stylish – liked it a lot.

re: p. 016 – photo of Pink Ladies, they are referenced in a lot of manga, and I was pleased to see a picture of them.

Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden spotlight p. 024

I bought the first volume of this series but I don’t feel compelled to get any more.

Preview p. 025

Monkey High by Shouko Akira – straight-laced girl goes for class clown.  Didn’t spark my interest much.

re: p. 078 ad for Be With Me in the form of IM.  Creepy in a sweet kind of way.  Reminds me of  Serial Experiments Lain

Culture and Trends: Setsubun p.119

The soybean ritual sounds fun — especially the part about kids pelting their “oni” parents.

re: p. 154 ad for Love*Com movie.  I’d like to see this one.  It looks like a cheerful fluffy movie.  I could use that.

Video game article p. 360

I don’t own an Xbox 360 but the game Eternal Sonata sounds amazing.  A game about the life of Chopin with such pretty graphics.  Oh my.

Spoilers – Series Comments

Crimson Hero

I do like the artwork.  Maybe the artist will do a series that interests me.

Vampire Knight

The artist does a good job with the vampire’s sad, dead eyes.  They never look cheerful or alive.

Kaname is vicious.  I like that in my vampires!  Holding her heart and threatening to rip it out.  More power to you, Kaname.  Well, I guess that was the idea.

Zero and his twin, whose name I refuse to remember, are boring still.

Yuki doesn’t have much choice between her suitors, does she?  Guess she couldn’t fall for a nice, living boy.

Haruka – Beyond the Stream of Time

I liked the cherry blossoms turning into little demons.

Absolute Boyfriend

OK, this is the first chapter I’ve enjoyed in a long, long time.  Soshi and Night’s conversation on the balcony made me chuckle, especially Soshi’s retort that a fist fight with Night would kill him.  I wish these two could be friends and just dump Riiko.  But then the sweet goodbye kiss of Soshi and Riiko, I wouldn’t have missed that.

Sand Chronicles

I’m starting to feel sorry for Fujin because he’s fairly sensitive to Ann’s bond with Daigo.  Perhaps because his mother did not respect her bond to his father?  Anyway, he gave Ann advice on the cheapest travel to see Daigo – he could have pretended that he did not understand why she was looking at those books.  He could have kept his mouth shut altogether.  Then he decides against giving her the birthday gift because of Daigo’s phone call.  I wonder what was in the box?

Ann’s friend insisting that she take condoms to see Daigo reminded me of Karin and Nani in Kare First Love – although that was funnier.  Karin’s hair getting progressively frazzled as she refuses Nani’s offer.

Fuji’s quest for his bio-dad is uninteresting except that makes him suffer more.  Fuji is good at brooding.

Honey and Clover

Chapter 11.  What did the artist use for the color pages?  It looks like watercolor.

Funny.  The gluttony, the soy sauce art “how do you prevent soy sauce from fading’; the guy’s sympathy sobbing along with Hagu over Yamada’s superior figure; graveyard redux; the final panel’s complainers in the pool.

Chapter 12.  The Giraffe Story.

When I say that I want josei, I guess I mean that I want stories like this one. Stories with no neat endings, no obsessions over trifles.  Just pain and love and grownups doing the best they can with the life stacked against them.

Hagu ‘ingesting’ the giraffe – especially that wordless panel – she’s incandescent.

The bit with one of the character’s speech bubble filled with scribbles because he’s too upset to form words.

The tragedy of Hanamoto & Harada and Rika.  Amazing.  I loved the image of the giraffe at the end – reminding us that this animal too is solitary and may never connect with its own species again.  Ouch.  Good stuff.

My Shojo Beat 2 years post.

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