Shojo Beat 2008 March 2Cover

Bryan Lee O’Malley did the cover.  He’s got a peppy looking Beat Girl.

I just know that I will love Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim series when I finally pick it up. I promise myself again that I will read it.

34 months of manga from SB quiz: I got 5 out of 8 right on the quiz.

Manga Panel: This was interesting – especially seeing how closely the sound effects art matched the original.  That must have been difficult.

Meomi’s Octonauts – another series I have been meaning to track down.  *sigh*

Culture and Trends:

“The sense of taste is diminished in space.”  I did not know that.

Kamaitachi – the weasel with sickle claws are my favorite Japanese mythological monster.

Learned one or two new things about Hina Dolls.  I liked that a pattern is offered.  Half way tempted to try it and give it to my nieces.

Preview: ION by Arina Anemura

Very short preview but cute anyway.  I might take a look at it.  Like that arrogant Kouki Shraishi is carrying a fan.

Preview B.O.D.Y. by Ao Mimori

Decent length preview.  The premise makes me uneasy but the artwork is nice and the characters are interesting.  Still won’t get it.

Spoilers – Series Comments

Absolute Boyfriend

Not sure how I feel about the ending.  On the one hand, Watase cheated by not deciding on one boy for Riiko – she gets both of them.  On the other hand, it was not exactly a happy ending. At least, I didn’t feel any happy sigh of contentment.

The editor compares it to Chobits.  I have serious issues with that series but I believed that Chi would lose her personality  – that it would be erased forever.  Night underwent so many changes and bounced back that there seemed to be few consequences.  I don’t feel any animosity towards Absolute Boyfriend, it just seemed lacking overall.

Crimson Hero

The girl Satsuki who spurred him on died?  That’s a bit melodramatic.

Haruka – The Stream of Time

I enjoyed the story for once.  Nue and the youthful Yorihisa.  I appreciated how the Nue became more and more inhuman as Yorihisa grew to know him.  Perhaps seeing his true self?  While I didn’t feel sad at the Nue’s death – I did wonder if Akane was worth it.

Honey and Clover

Ch. 13

Yamada’s pottery making scene was oddly stylish.  I’ve always thought of pottery as the artist version of mud pies.  Like the onlooker in the manga, I didn’t get what the swan imagery was either.

The artist seemed fixated on corpses in this chapter: I counted 7 different panels of corpses.  Not to mention characters who fainting and one with “lights extinguished.”

I note that Hagu’s final project involves the giraffe.  Very nice continuity.

The walk home with Yamada on Mayama’s back is just realistic enough to make it easy to accept how romantic and sweet and sad it is.

Ch. 14

Mayama makes Rika a bracelet that doesn’t come off.  Huh.  Moving into creepy territory, I think.

It’s hard to think of Hagu as 18 years old.  She looks like a child and, for the most part, acts like a child.  Everyone seems to relate to her as if she were a young girl. For instance, she confesses with tears in her eyes to Hanamoto that she couldn’t find him a four leaf clover.  He kneels down and assures her that it’s going to be alright.  I couldn’t see 18 years old, successful art student in that scene.  It’s difficult.

The clover hunting scene on the final page is refreshing just to look at.

Vampire Knight

Zero does strike me as someone who’d shoot himself in the foot.  Through petulance.

The return of the headmaster!  I’d missed his island of silliness in all this gorgeous angst.

Don’t like Zero but that sexual tension between him and Yuki over homework notes.  Yessss.

But when she bit him, that crossed some kind of taboo line for me.  Vampires have to because that’s their nature.  I don’t even understand why I found that really unpleasant.  Maybe because she’s the only innocent character in the series?

Sand Chronicles

Things that made me smile:

  • Ann slamming her hand against the base of Hachiko!
  • Daigo’s unwarranted bishie sparkle when Ann first sees him.
  • Ann looking so cute when she’s giggling at Daigo’s questions.
  • Ann in 7th Heaven after Daigo buys her the ring.
  • 2 pages to establish that Fuji’s gift to Ann was expensive.  He bought a barrette – how sweet.

Daigo is so self conscience about holding hands but he gets past that fairly quickly when he gets a chance to kiss Ann.

I don’t know that Daigo and Ann are ready for love hotels, they don’t seem that comfortable with themselves or each other yet.

Fuji’s alleged bio-dad is a jerk.  Blech.  And there’s a letter…dun dun DUN.

Two kisses under cherry trees for Ann.   *sparkly hearts embedded in my eyes*

My Shojo Beat 2 years post.

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