Quick notes on the episodes of discs 7,8, and 9 behind cut.

Disc 7

Meno had super hair, I’ve never thought that was a particularly interesting power.  The emotionalism in this episode was a bit too over the top for me.

Mokuren, the Tree Man was nasty.  I disliked this character a lot and was glad to see him gone (again).

Genjuro the leader of Team Uruha reminded me too much of  Master Splinter the rat sensei of the ninja turtles.  He wasn’t a rat and there is no real connection except in my brain.  I couldn’t take him seriously.

Disc 8

I didn’t have notes on this disc for some reason.  There were girl duo that Recca fought – but he spent a lot of time blushing and nose bleeding.  There is a bit about Kurenai’s past but I barely make myself care.  Then there was a fight against an invisible guy – that was fun.

Disc 9

Fuko gets a little more action with her new mascot that is meant to precursor to her more powerful status.  She has still lost of dignity and power since she was the object of harassment from Fujimaru.  But she more-or-less pulls herself out of her slump.

Recca’s dragons are stolen!  The horror!  This part was not badly done.

They go to another “evil” dimension.  This was mercifully short.

It’s not especially bad but nothing special in these last three discs.

On to the end: Disc 10.

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