Out Christmas shopping tonight – found all but one gift.

But then I saw manga on sale. Could…not…resist. So I bought six of them. Just for me.

Apparently, the spirit of loving generosity doesn’t apply to comics.

I picked up vol. 2 of Metamo Kiss by Sora Omote. I don’t own the first volume but I liked the artwork. A boy and girl exchange bodies when they kiss. No wacky hijinks could be gotten out of that setup.

Someday’s Dreamer vol. 2 by Norie Yamada & Kumichi Yoshizuki. A magical girl helps people. I do own the first one in this series. I’m looking forward to reading it.

Good Witch of the West vol. 2 by Haruhiko Momokawa & Noriko Ogiwara. Firiel must save the kingdom from a shadowy organization. I have read the first four volumes. I like this series. Firiel is cuuuute! I wish the novels were available in English.

I picked up Ultra Cute vols. 1-3 by Nami Akimoto. Do not own the first volume. Ami & Noi fall for 2 guys who are less than ingenuous.

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