Well, this is the end of the series. The first part (before they go to tournament) was still super fun but the battles got in the way of the interaction between the team Hokage which is my favorite part.

Also, the anime ends with tons of unfinished subplots: Fuko did not solve the mystery of her full powers, and ‘s access to her ultimate powers, Tokiya never finds his sister’s killer much less avenge her.  The Kurei escapes, and his future is not told.

Most puzzling to me, how did they readjust to normal life after all their adventures?  I think it’s fair to say that they are adults now – and I can’t imagine how they would be content to be high school students.

Anyway, the final battle was satisfying and the team glomping Recca after they win was amusing.

Tiamat has good things to say about the manga and notes the problems with the anime version.  But I don’t know that I want to invest more time in the series.

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