For some reason, I had a lot of negative things to say this time.  I enjoyed this issue but I think a few things hit some nerves.

Shojo Beat May 2008


Not sure if I’m comfortable with Mizuki sitting in the armchair with a teddy bear.  I don’t mind the teddy bear but she seems to be showing quite a bit of thigh and the two together are slightly off-putting. Shojo Beat is fairly good about their covers, so I may just being hyper-sensitive.

Note: Vampire Knight and Honey & Clover were both pink and next to each other in the magazine.  This is annoying and I hope they don’t do that again.

Culture and Trends

The video The Path sounds intriguing.  I love character based games rather than action/combat ones.  It is to be released in 2009, must keep it in mind.  I’d like to try the game.

Tokyo Woof Woof by Sean Williams was interesting.  That he had trouble finding landlord who rent to him with a dog is hardly surprising.  That he had trouble finding a landlord who’d rent to a foreigner was more distressing.  Perhaps I’m thinking of similar instances of discrimination in the USA.

Chibi Galley. What a treat.  The best one was Happy Hustle High with Super Deformed Hanabi reacting to her first kiss.

Hana Kimi Bonus Story by Hisaya Nakajo

I can’t possibly spoil this since it’s all about the narrator’s internal dialogue.  Kayashima is a psychic who deals with learning all the secrets of the other students at all boys school.  It’s cute but since I haven’t read Hana Kimi, it feels pointless.

Series Comments – Spoilers

Crimson Hero

Nobara and the Eagles are fighting hard in their last game together.

The editor’s note about changing Takigawa’s nickname from Tackey to Takki made me smile.  Odd things they have to look out for.

Yushin turns out to be Nobara’s muse or cheerleader during the Eagles’ game.  It’s nice that Nobara felt he was an inspiration to her success rather than undermining her drive to win.

Haruka – Beyond the Stream of Time

Shirin shows up to be catty and dance about.  She’s presented as a femme fatale but comes off as annoying.

It’s a very pretty chapter.  The double splash pages on 124-125 were worth studying.

Gaba Kawa chapter 2 of 5

Rara continues her pursuit of Retsu and feuds with Bibi.

There is a definite Boys Love theme running through this chapter beginning with the basketball teams’ offering of  “their best-looking guy”  and continuing with Rara coming to the conclusion that Retsu is a “gay alien” and dressing in the boy’s uniform to please him.

In reference to Retsu throwing the basketball guy (a photo I think) out the window.  If I were a character in this series, I’d stay on the ground level no matter what.

I like the mother’s angry face on the second page.

I like the sidekick Kayato better than the hero Retsu.

Rara is bubbly.

Sand Chronicles

The title of this chapter should be “No More Secrets.”  Ann’s still on vacation and she goes to Fuji’s house to help with festival preparations again like old times.

Daigo went too far in punching Fuji and berating Ann.  Daigo, just so you know, behavior that is possessive and violent is not romantic.  Nobody swoons over Othello.  He apologizes but that much uncontrolled anger is scary.

I am very pleased that Fuji talked to one of the adults in his family about the burden that he’s carried far too long.  Of course, his relief is his sister Shika’s new misery.  And the ominous letter showed up finally – oh dear.  This won’t be good.

Their parents appear to be too caught up in the high drama of their marriage to notice the effect their wretched marriage has had on their children.

Daigo and Ann vow fidelity and consummate their relationship – very sweet.  The storage shed, or whatever it is, is not particularly romantic but Ann managed to avoid the dirty socks.

See, Watase?  Ashihara  pans to a gorgeous full moon, not that dumb lamp in Absolute Boyfriend.

Vampire Knight

Aido demands extra helpings of Zero’s cooking and insists that Yuki stop pretending to be demure.  Aido is the Aram character for this series.

Zero makes out with sucks Yuki’s blood on panel after panel.  I wish he were Kaname.  Really, I wish Matsuri Hino had spent time expanding MeruPuri instead of these self-important vampires.  Gah!

Honey & Clover

Engrossing but I can’t think of anything much to say.  I liked the boat trip.

My Shojo Beat 2 years post.

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