Jennifer Crusie discussed the process of developing the cover art of this book which enticed me to read it.  You should really take a look.


The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes written by Anne Stuart, Jennifer Crusie, Eileen Dreyer.  Three sisters, Mare, Lizzie, and Dee,  have magical powers but they’ve turned their back on their magical heritage.  Since their magical powers are fueled through sexual expression, they’ve given up romance too.  But a powerful enemy will force them to call upon their dormant magic. As luck (A.K.A. matchmaking Aunt Xan) would have it, several suitors appear in town at the same time.

My favorite male character was the biker guy, Crash Duncan, who seemed delightfully ordinary.  My least favorite was Elric the wizard guy because he was insufferably smug.  It was also very reminiscent of Charmed which is noticed by the characters.  The movie Corpse Bride becomes part of the story.  The characters made it seem like the most romantic movie which made me finally watch it.

This was fun, if lightweight read.

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