Shojo Beat June 2008


Rara is cute and cheerful.  I like the colors and her pose – the first appealing cover I’ve seen since January.

Editor’s Letter.

I like the Beat Girl by Jasmine Becket-Griffith.  Crafts expert – the hard hat seems a little much.

Fashion & Beauty.

Fun article on how to get geisha eyes.  Although without the white foundation, it doesn’t look that interesting.

Preview: Time Stranger Kyoko by Arina Tanemura

Futuristic princess story.  Kyoko has been going school incognito but various events threaten to reveal her identity.

Kyoko’s attempts at solving the magical mystery were cute and funny.  The ‘bribe’ attempt with all the food was my favorite one.

I need to put this manga on my wish list.

Series Comments – Spoilers

Crimson Hero

The Eagles have won their game, and they invite Yushin to join them as they head off to celebrate.  These two need a lot of help getting together.  But, finally, Yushin confesses.

Yushin is concerned about Nobara – thinking she must have been stressed to lose weight. The spotlight panel in which Yushin has built up his courage to confess to Nobara and then the Eagles team drapes itself around the couple amused me.

Ryo is cute – I wish that he could remain in the story somehow.

Loach Scooping – I have no response to that.  The chopsticks in  his nose disturb me.

Sand Chronicles

Ann and Daigo are separated again.  Daigo takes Fujin’s little sister under his wing.

Ann and Daigo are trapped in reveries about their first time together – and make the status of their relationship obvious to everyone – funny.  Daigo is much more likeable in this chapter than the last chapter.

Usually the text seems superfluous compared to the images in manga.   But I liked this bit: “Every word he says makes me happy and sad  — strong & weak.  Everything has to end sometime but when it comes to you — I want to believe in forever.”    Awwww! First Love.

Ann’s a terrible waitress, and I love that she sloshes the drinks every single time she serves them.

Daigo redeems himself by saving Shika.  He was extraordinarily thoughtful and  protective of her.  I couldn’t help but think of Tubby’s clubhouse from Little Lulu when I saw the clubhouse in which they are making the portable shrine.  Of course, the boys and girls here are working together.  Shika is accepted on her own merits – good for her.

Gaba Kawa

Rara hangs around the boys like an annoying younger sibling.  She also encounters a ghost named Kishiri hoping to ‘get freaky’ with her.  She also sneaks into Retsu’s apartment while invisible.

The editor Amy Yu’s note on the translation of “H shite” was entertaining.  I wish they’d include more translation/cultural notes.

How does Rara manage to kiss Retsu while he’s playing basketball?  How does this not cause injury? Her demon powers are more amazing than I thought.

Kishiri is like the ghost version of an undine – only he gets to become a demon rather than gain a human soul.

Rara edges into stalking territory in this issue.  Serves her right if she becomes visible. Kayato poking at the invisible Rara was amusing.

Honey & Clover

Long one this time.

chapter 19.  Hanamoto returns from Mongolia and Hagu is VERY happy about it.

Hagu as Alice is Wonderland is adorable. Hagu blushing over being called beautiful and the creator’s comment that nobody has yet to call her beautiful amused me.

Hanamoto and Hagu’s reunion – utterly goofy and satisfying.

Didn’t need the image of Tokudaiji prepped for wrestling.

It’s interesting that Hagu feels uncomfortable with Morita – perhaps because he doesn’t see her as real person.  She couldn’t make any of her wisher or needs known to him.  Hope for Takemoto yet.

chapter 20.  Cherry Blossom Viewing Festival and Hagu gets kissed.

Mayama’s got it bad if just streaks of water on a car window remind him of his beloved.

The kiss and the scarf – Morita is a little weird.

Vampire Knight

Some one’s been snacking on a human girl leading Kaname and Zero trade snarky little barbs at each other over which of them is the mostly likely suspect.  Enjoyed that far too much.

Master rubbing salt in Kaname’s wound.  “First time she’s rebelled against you” and “you must be in shock.”

Yuki’s face while she’s regretting her defiance of Kaname:  Blushing and tears and messy hair.  So cute.

The Vampire detectives try to think of a name for themselves before beginning the investigation.

Re: Zero’s dream.  Zero’s head is a disturbing place to be.


Shimon the Totally Lame’s backstory.

On the whole, I prefer the backstories to the main plot.  Shimon is much cuter than Akane, despite his protestations. Shimon reminds me of sweet kids in Victorian literature who were doomed from the moment they appeared.  Maybe he’ll be eaten by wolves.

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