Allegro non Troppo (1977)

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Allegro non troppo
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The comedy bits in between the animation sequences were only slightly less boring than the introductions in Disney’s Fantasia series. The animation was good enough but nothing amazing.

The Afternoon of the Faun – Debussy sequence featured a lonely satyr.  There are were lots of nude girls and some comedic lasciviousness.

The stray cat imagining better times in Sibelius’s Valse Triste was highly depressing but an enjoyable use of animation.

Dorak’s Slavonic Dance was silly and lively.  More an animated shaggy dog tale than anything.

Vivaldi’s Concerto in C Major with the angry bee and Stravinsky’s Firebird featuring a story of the serpent from the Garden of Eden were tedious.

The most enjoyable segment for me was the animation with Ravel’s Bolero. This is a science fiction version of evolution – on another planet with wacky little aliens. It is more whimsical and less violent than Fantasia’s interpretation of  Rite of Spring.  My favorite character in this sequence is the mean-spirited and clever ape who appears again and again. The conclusion to the segment is chilling and makes the dinos in Fantasia seem even more stodgy.

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