Quick Comments on season two.

Veronica Mars season 2

I gave up thinking of the characters as teenagers. They don’t look or act like teens and few of the situations or problems felt youthful.  Still, almost as good as season one.

I’ve been puzzling over why I liked the bad boy Logan in this series. He’s not especially gifted with moral fiber. Well, actually, neither of Veronica’s love interests (Duncan or Logan) are worth much. But Logan is articulate and somewhat aware of the larger picture. Duncan by contrast is silent and reacts to his surroundings much like a rock.  I guess that’s good for romance but not fun for watching on TV. Duncan seems so self-involved, I’m surprised he manags to notice anyone else.

The penultimate episode horrified me so much that that I couldn’t watch the last episode Not Pictured for a couple of days.

a few spoiling comments…

The illness that Veronica contracts in the final episodes was more contrived than was necessary. There was surely a better way to handle the various subplots than that.

The season ended in a fitting if chilling way.  I’m worrying about Lilly II now.

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