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It’s almost New Year’s and so I thought I’d talk about what my family and friends did last year.  Usually, we stay up late and chant down to the moment.  We also watch mockamons = “bad movies suitable for mocking.”

Last year, we did something different.  We decided to have an old-fashioned Saturday morning cartoon fest.  The plan was to watch cartoons for as long as we could stand it and eat sugar bomb cereal (a la Calvin and Hobbes) while wearing our jammies.

There was some issue over the cereal.  One man asked if he could eat a real breakfast, such as toast and eggs which we allowed but thought was faint-hearted of him.  Then I put the group into a tizzy because I said I would bring raisin bran cereal.  I was soundly rebuked for not understanding the essence of the sugar bomb cereal.

The rule is that it must turn your milk another color,  preferably one never seen in nature.  The best kinds turn the milk gray.  People had their favorite brands but I chose one I had not eaten before.  It made purple milk.

The jammies were the easiest part and some people wrapped themselves in sleeping bags and sat on the floor in front of the TV. Cartoons on the schedule were Sailor Moon Supers, and The Tick (season 2), and He-Man (season 1), and some random Warner’s cartoons.

One young woman in the group had never seen He-Man.  I think dumbfounded is the best way to describe her reaction.  I can’t believe I used to watch it, to be frank.  There must have been nothing else on.  I did not know that Paul Dini, who worked on Batman: The Animated Series, had worked on He-Man.  He seems frustrated about the series on his interview.

The Tick was voted the best of the day.

Here is our favorite line:

And, isn’t sanity really just a one-trick pony anyway?  I mean all you get is one trick, rational thinking, but when you’re good and crazy, the sky is the limit.

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2 thoughts on “Retro Saturday Morning Cartoons

  1. I love the set up for the experiment. I must agree The Tick also rules.
    Are you planning on doing another one with out the “sugar bomb cereal” this way you can see how the cartoons effect the test audience with out the added agitation and sugar impaired judgment?
    I also wonder if the “sugar bomb cereal” could actually impair judgment in a group to make them enjoy other wise unenjoyable shows.

  2. Hi HomersWisdom,

    I never thought of including a control group. But I think after this last experience, most of the group would choose the ‘real food’ option. In the interests of full disclosure, most of us took a nap immediately after we finished watching the toons.

    I’m not sure if even sugar could blind a person to the non-entertainment value of certain cartoons. I’m drawing a blank on titles – but I can remember that the 80s brought us a lot of really bad ones.

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