I’ve been pondering things to accomplish on Moonlit Garden in 2009.  These are wishes rather than resolutions because I don’t know what this year will bring.

1) All posts will be on  fantasy, romance, and cartoons/comics.  (except for stuff I’m already writing about.  and when I change my mind.)

2) All the series posts, like the mystery movies, will be put together on  a printer friendly page elsewhere.

3)  Biopics – Need to add comments for the ones I’ve watched.

4) 1001 movies – I have made a mistake in the numbering, so I’ll have to correct that.  And finish the rest.

5) Shojo Beat 2008 posts – Not done reading August yet.  I hope to get caught up before February.  Warren Peace Sings the Blues – this blog has actual reviews of SB.

Though, he doesn’t seem quite as taken with cuteness as I am.  For instance, he didn’t think Retsu’s ponytail was as attractive as I did.  Whatever.  Might be refreshingly less fan girlish to read.

6) Cartoon Courtship – Started taking notes on FireTripper by Rumiko Takahashi.  I have adored this comic for years and I’m excited about working on it.

7) link blogging – more links on fairy tales and Jane Austen and other stuff.

8 ) New poll each month.

9) Posts about the 3 topics in general, and not just on specific books or movies.

10) Lots more stuff but I don’t know if I’ll even get #1-9 done.

Recap of 2008:

My second year doing this blog. Day of most hits last year October 31st.  Yes!!!

Top Search Terms –

  • philodendron
  • Comic Strips
  • Alice
  • comic strip
  • pirate maps

Top 6 posts –

  1. My Ps and Qs
  2. Alice 2008
  3. comfort manga: Red River
  4. Shojo Beat, 2 years
  5. comfort manga: From Far Away
  6. 2000s movies – top 25

Top links clicked:

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