Marie Antoinette - Kirsten Dunst
Marie Antoinette - Kirsten Dunst

Sofia Coppola directs.

This film follows Marie-Antoinette (Kirsten Dunst) from her introduction to the French court to her escape from the palace of Versailles.

There were affecting moments in the film.  The most moving was the beginning when the 14 year old girl is stripped of anything relating to Austria, her former home and country.  It’s hard not have sympathy for the teen crying for her dog which has been taken from her.

However, the movie loses ground as it progresses.  The only real purpose that the new princess of France has is to reproduce and this takes up an endless amount of  the movie.  The problem appears to be that her husband, Louis (Jason Schwartzman) the Dauphin of France, is not sure how to go about it.  (???).  I tried to look up some reason behind the unconsummated marriage but could not find a conclusive answer.  One account speculated that the prince had an  emotional barrier (sleeping with the Austrian enemy) and another account had it that surgery solved the problem.  It doesn’t particularly matter but, without this issue, the movie leaves us a lot of shopping and eating sweets.  Even events such as deaths in the family are revealed off-handedly.


But Dunst looks a like a  princess should – lovely and charming with a winsome smile.  Her costumes  and shoes and sweets are delightful and were specially designed according to the trivia page on  The Palace of Versailles was beautiful of course, and it made me think that this movie would be perfect as a background movie.  You know, muting it and playing classical music.

For it is very, very pretty.

Official Site

Very positive review by James Rich.

Very negative review by James Berardinelli.

Review by Roger Ebert.

Here’s a reviewer with the same reaction that I had:  a great background film.

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3 thoughts on “Marie Antoinette (2006)

  1. i am such a big fan of marie antoinette and so is my friend ariah shes the one who got me to like marie antoinette and we are gonna do a play about her im gonna be du barry my friend ariah is gonna be marie antoinette i really really liked the movie and all the pictures ive looked at on line i find it interesting that she was the queen of the queen of france and kristen dunst did a really really good job in the movie!i really injoy looking at photos and watching the movie makes me feel happy and makes me wonder if im gonna be that way someday its cool how people become princesses and queens and princes and kings and its a happy happy thought

  2. the king had famosis (not sure if that is how it is spelled) it is a condition of a males penis that makes it extreamly uncomfortable to become aroused or to have sexual intercorse. the only way it can be fixed is surgry and most men would not want surgry like that preformed now much less with awfull tools and no pain killers, therefore the marrage whent un consimated until the surgry was had, there first child was consimated only a few weeks after. she was a beautiful queen and many people in france hated her because of there being no baby born as it was her only job as the queen, so in acuallity her life consumed with needing to produce an heir is mostlikly a very real problem she was hasseled with

  3. Michaela – the movie does bring the period alive and makes it seem very modern and Kirsten Dunst is delightful, of course.

    Robin Young – that’s a good point about surgery in the past. I remember reading a comment of historian who said he’d visit any time in history – after anesthesia was invented. I do understand that Marie Antoinette was in a terrible position – the one achievement her life depended on was blocked by her husband’s disability.

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