Jane Austen’s books:

Renaissance Guy evaluates Austen’s characters – fun categories.

Thorough responses to some questions about Persuasion from Nexus Archives.

Excitement over Sense & Sensiblity from 1actressinoregon.

Less than enthusiastic reaction to Emma from Bookologists.

Jane Austen movies:

A guide from Suite 101 for the BBC miniseries of Pride & Prejudice.

Foster on Film: a assessment of Pride & Prejudice adaptations.

Pride & Prejudice (1980) review with a comparison to the BBC version from Sophie’s Perspective.

Jane’s World:

The blog, Adventure in Reading, discusses The War of Ideas by Marilyn Butler.  The post mentions, “Elizabeth Bennet is consistently viewed as Austen’s revolutionary heroine.

A review of Austenland by Shannon Hale — a novel about a woman goes to a sort of Pride & Prejudice resort.  The blog is Confessions of a Real Librarian.

From the Daily Mail: a disturbing report of people scattering human ashes at the Austen museum.


Jane Austen scavenger hunt 1

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