An old biographical movie of Cole Porter.  It’s antique enough that it avoids mentioning his sexual orientation altogether.

Cary Grant is Cole Porter and Alexis Smith is Linda Lee, his wife.

I’m having trouble with this movie.  On the one hand, not mentioning his affairs with men completely falsifies his relationship with his wife.  The movie is invalidated as biography by leaving out this important aspect of his personal life.

However, on its own merits, the movie had entertaining scenes.  I’m specifically thinking of the scene in which he composes the song, “Night and Day.”  I know it’s unrealistic but it’s a highly entertaining way of visualizing the creative process.   It also did convey that he was a talented and hardworking songwriter.

Overall, I can’t really recommend it as a biopic.  Big pop singers and stars of the day take on the musical numbers, and thus it has some value.

I also saw De-Lovely and will comment on it soon.

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